'X Marks The Spot' Printmaking Workshop

Moonah Arts Centre 

Moonah, Tasmania

17 - 18 April 2019

Central Craft, Araleun Arts Centre

Alice Springs, Northern Territory

23 September 2018

‘X Marks the Spot’ is a two-day printmaking workshop inspired by tourist brochures and information maps found around Hobart/nipaluna. Tutors Phoebe Beard and Florence Robinson will introduce the field of printmaking and cartography through a series of fun exercises aimed at children between the age of six and eighteen. The workshop will facilitate personal, political and geographical narratives using the format and concept of the map. 


X Marks the Spot, Central Craft, Araleun Arts Centre 2018

The two-day workshop was developed as part of Phoebe Beard's residency with Watch This Space in September 2018. Researching abandoned mines in the Northern Territory Phoebe Beard developed a series of relief prints. The prints reflect her time spent at Central Craft where Phoebe taught children and adults. X Marks The Spot is an ongoing project, teaching children and adults about relief printing, cartography and do-it-yourself publishing.  


X Marks the Spot, Moonah Arts Centre 2019