Visual Bulk Artist Run Initiative, lutruwita (Tasmania)

9th to the 16th of December 2017

Contributing artists include Annabelle Hayes, April Kim, Alexandra Nemaric, Caitlin She, Freya Alexander, Hayley Martin, Holly Gregory, Liam Jukes, Madison Griffiths, Melissa Vallence, Samson Connelly, Sarah Nagorcka, Sean Whittaker, Tegan Iversen

FAKE NEWS will separate fact from fiction using the format and concept of the poster. Curated by Phoebe Beard, the exhibition will discuss the rise and fall of propaganda and its impact on the mainstream media. Fourteen artists have been asked to make their own version of a propaganda poster, identifying traits and tactics used by fake articles and authors. 


FAKE NEWS Exhibition curated by Phoebe Beard. Image credit: Clare Powell. 

The exhibition which is being held at Visual Bulk on the 9th of December is loosely based on 'Paper Politics,' a group exhibition held in Chicago in 2004. Socially engaged printmaking is part of Phoebe Beard's artistic practice and influenced her research into 'Fake News.' Taking inspiration from Josh MacPhee and the Justseeds Artist Collective, Phoebe hopes to facilitate a conversation around art and politics. 

Unlike 'Paper Politics' the group exhibition titled FAKE NEWS will showcase moving image, painting, collage and sculpture. Each approach will add to the ongoing dialogue around propaganda which can be found online, in-print and broadcast media. Explicit language and imagery will be used by artists, highlighting the threat and theory of FAKE NEWS on contemporary mainstream media.  


Annabelle Hayes 'Talk Shit Get Hit' 2017. Image credit: Clare Powell. 


Alexandra Nemaric 'My Aunties House' 2017. Image credit: Clare Powell. 

Phoebe Beard and Visual Bulk acknowledge the traditional owners of the Palawa Nation to be custodians of the land in which Fake News is being held. The exhibition is located in Nipuluna/Hobart and we pay our respects to elders, past present and future.