Make your dream a reality with Beards Building Solutions

November 2017

School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania

MAKE YOUR DREAM A REALITY WITH BEARDS BUILDING SOLUTIONS describes the front cover of the Beards Building Solutions booklet which will support the site-specific model home. Complete with advertising material and blueprints, the installation will discuss the contradictions of homeownership.  


Art and design principals are used to subvert the image of the facade and advertise the 'Beards Building Solutions' brand. The logo design is a self-portrait of the artist and highlights my interest in stylised imagery. The bottom half of the logo is a set of teeth smiling back at you. The sinister logo warns the client of potential problems as homes with Beard’s Building Solutions are a hazard. The aim of the project is to discuss the fragility of home, drawing from personal and political narratives.

Open booklet.JPG
Line drawing6.JPG

Make your dream a reality, site specific installation, November 2017. Image credit: Clare Powell.

Moving to Hobart/nipaluna in February 2017 Phoebe began to explore ideas of home through drawing and printmaking. Marking spaces with orange reflective tape, Phoebe constructed “fragile” spaces similar to construction sites. These “safe zones” were a temporary reprieve from her nomadic lifestyle, utilizing two-dimensional line to suggest three-dimensional space. This absurd representation of home was a personal and political response to housing. 


‘Make your dream a reality with Beards Building Solutions’ was the first exposition by the satirical building company, inviting potential “clients” to enter a model home comprising of a screen-printed booklet, sandwich board and electrical tape. Commercial print material became an opportunity to exercise Phoebe’s printmaking skills whilst discussing the contradictions of homeownership. High interest loans and negative gearing, Beards Building Solutions offers “An alternative to the Australian Dream,” a dream that is accessible and affordable to all. 

Beard_Phoebe_Make your Dream a Reality w
Beard_Phoebe_Make your dream a reality w

Side one and two of the Beards Building Solutions Booklet as part of the Make your dream into a reality installation. November 2017.