'Volume III - Limbs Locusts and Lavender'

A online curatorial project by Molly Stephenson and Iona Mackenzie

Linsey Gosper / Caitlin Royce / Ksenia Markelova / Phoebe Beard / Brodie Kokkinos / Maddy Anderson / Caoife Power / Tilda Clarke 

Online exhibition published in May, 2020

Preparing a small plot at the back of my garden I dream of a future harvest. A harvest that allows me to isolate through changing seasons, sickness and health. This celebration of food and fertility has informed my own artistic practice, looking at straw sculptures and their agricultural significance.


Excerpt by Phoebe Beard in relation to her time in isolation due to COVID-19. 

'Morning Star Mask'  2020

The prop and costume is part of a film titled 'Pancakes with the gods' created in response to Phoebe's time in isolation due to COVID-19. The artwork draws on 'Morning Star Ceremony' and pagan rituals, referencing twine and wood effigies in films such as Midsommer and Children of The Corn. 

'Keep Vigil' 2020

Collecting old shirts from friends and family Phoebe has constructed a fabric quilt that reflects her interest in cultivation and community. The 841 x 594mm quilt speaks of agricultural communities similar to Country Women's Association, collecting and collating materials together to create art.


The artwork speaks of awkward and ephemeral scarecrows made of flannelette shirts and straw. Keeping vigil these statues reinforce power by human beings and instil fear in birds and bugs. Watching and waiting, Phoebe alludes to this unease through decorated text, referencing political and propaganda posters.

'Quivering in Quarantine' is an online curatorial project supported by Melbourne City Council. The project continues to support emerging artists through monthly exhibitions and podcast series.